Wholesale Shade Cover Manufacturing

If you’re a shade structure company looking for a high quality supplier to manufacture the covers for your customers shade sails and tension membrane structures, look no further than Stanfast.

Plotting & Cutting

We can assist your business by handling all of the plotting and cutting work for you. If you provide us with your design specifications, we can plot, cut, weld/sew and send your project back to you

Stanfast Plotting & Cutting

High Frequency Welding

We have the high frequency welding equipment and know-how to be able to handle even the toughest of tension membrane structures.

Many of our industry clients simply don’t have the factory space or resources to handle large-scale high frequency welding. That’s where we can assist.

Our welders and large-scale premises allow us to handle just about anything – from the smallest sail, to the largest tension membrane structure. We are happy to work with materials that you supply us, or we can order the materials and components here for you.

Stanfast High Frequency Welding

Industrial Sewing

Our industrial sewing machines are capable of handling the most difficult of shade cloth materials. Our trained staff have over 30 years of industrial sewing experience.

Stanfast Industrial Sewing

Get in Contact

If you are a shade business interested in one of our services, or if you’d like to find out more about what we can offer, you can get in contact with us via the details listed on our Contact Us page, or you can send your enquiry directly to us via our Enquiry form on the right.

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